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Everyone Has A Story... Everyone Has Been A Witness To The Paranormal

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     Over the past 29 years as a talk show radio host, TV host / showrunner, publisher, speaking about all topics and subjects in the world of the paranormal and the science of parapsychology, I know for a fact, everyone has been a "Witness To The Paranormal."

     Everyone has a story of something they cannot understand.

     Something that they have witnessed that they cannot explain.

     Something that has haunted them as they look for an explanation.

     It could be a strange light in the sky believed to be a UFO.

     Memories of strange sounds and sights that were believed to be a ghost or apparition.

      Maybe you believe that your home is haunted.

      I am looking for people in the Hamilton, Ontario area as well as other locations in Canada and the United States who would like to share their story with me and our viewers, on camera, and tell their story on being a "Witness To The Paranormal."

      If you are interested, please complete the submission form that follows, and when completed, click the submit button on the bottom and our segment producer will be contacting you to further discuss your story.

    Whether it is about encounters with ghosts or spirits, a strange haunting, an apparition, psychic experience, seeing an anomaly in the sky (UFO), an encounter with a cryptozoological creature, (Bigfoot, Strange Creatures, Lake Monsters) and any other paranormal experience that YOU have been a witness you.

     I look forward to speaking with you and you sharing your story on "Witness To The Paranormal."

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Please Note:

Any and all information that is submitted to "Witness To The Paranormal" will NOT be shared.

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